How to run containers in a swarm with filters using the Docker Remote API?

I want to run containers in my swarm with some filters using the Docker Remote API. E.g. I would like to use the REST API to do the same thing as this command:

$ docker run -d --name logger -e affinity:container==front logger

I know that the Swarm API is mostly compatible with the Docker Remote API and I read the Remote API documentation but I can’t find which parameters I have to use to create an equivalent command with the REST API.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to run containers in a swarm with filters using the Docker Remote API?”

    As the -e flag states, affinity:container==front is an environment variable thus the JSON parameter Env has to be used. In this example the parameter is:

    { "Env" = "affinity:container==front"}
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