How to run Consul on docker with initial key-value pair data?

I am trying to spin a Consul server on docker container and use it as config server for my SpringBoot cloud application. For that I want to have some pre-configured data(Key-Value pairs) in Consul.

My current config in docker-compose.yml is:

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  •   consul:
        image: "progrium/consul:latest"
        container_name: "consul"
          - '9330:8300'
          - '9400:8400'
          - '9500:8500'
          - '9600:53'
        command: "-server -bootstrap -ui-dir /ui"

    Is there a way to pre-populate key-value pairs?

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    Compose doesn’t have “tasks” as built in concept, but you can set them up with multiple compose files in a project. A docker-compose-init.yml could define the tasks, rather than long running services but you need to manage orchestration yourself. I’ve put an example on my consul demo.

    docker-compose up -d
    docker-compose -f docker-compose-init.yml run consul_init

    Image Build

    You can add image build RUN steps to add the data. The complication here is running the server the same way you normally would, but in the background, and adding the data all in the one RUN step.

    FROM progrium/consul:latest
    RUN set -uex; \
        consul agent -server --bootstrap -data-dir /consul/data & \ 
        let "timeout = $(date +%s) + 15"; \
        while ! curl -f -s http://localhost:8500/v1/status/leader | grep "[0-9]:[0-9]"; do\
          if [ $(date +%s) -gt $timeout ]; then echo "timeout"; exit 1; fi; \
          sleep 1; \
        done; \
        consul kv put somekey somevalue;

    Image Startup

    Some databases add a script to the image to populate data at startup. This is normally so users can control setup via environment variables injected at run time, like mysql/postgres/mongo.

    FROM progrium/consul:latest

    Then your script starts the server, sets up the data, and then at the end continues on as the image would have before.

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