How to run 2 commands with docker exec

I need to run 2 commands with docker exec.
I am copying a file out of the docker container and don’t want to have to deal with credentials to use something like ssh.
This command copies a file:

sudo docker exec boring_hawking tar -cv /var/log/file.log | tar -x

But it creates a subdirectory var/log, I want to avoid that so if I could do these in the docker container I should be good:

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  • cd /var/log ; tar -cv ./file.log

    How can I make docker exec run 2 commands?

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    This led to the answer: Escape character in Docker command line
    I ended up doing this:

    sudo docker exec boring_hawking bash -c 'cd /var/log ; tar -cv ./file.log' | tar -x

    So it works by, sort of, running the one bash command with a parameter that is the 2 commands I want to run.

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