How to restore a .sql.gz dump on a Docker MySQL instance?

I have a dump which was taken from a machine on which Docker is NOT installed. The format is .sql.gz – my question is how do I restore this on my Docker MySQL instance?

Able to access MySQL from command line:

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    NOT able to restore the dump using this:

    docker exec -i first-mysql mysql -uroot -ppassword < db_dump.sql

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to restore a .sql.gz dump on a Docker MySQL instance?”

    Basic syntax is:

    gunzip dump.sql.gz
    docker exec -i container_name mysql -uroot -proot < dump.sql

    Or copy dunp.sql into a volume go into the conatainer and start mysql there

    docker exec -ti container_name bash
    mysql < /volume_dir/dump.sql

    The rest in mysql syntax.

    1. Because logging in from root wasn’t an issue, log into MySQL using root.
    2. Create another user with all the privileges, a kind of equivalent to root.
    3. Flush privieleges.

    docker exec -i container_name mysql -uloader -ploader < dump.sql

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