How to restart php-fpm inside a docker container?

I’m using docker and my container is build over php:5.6-fpm image from php official repo.
Is it somehow possible to restart/reload php-fpm from inside a container?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to restart php-fpm inside a docker container?”

    php-fpm is a process manager which supports the USER2 signal, which is used to reload the config file.

    From inside the container:

    kill -USR2 1


    docker exec -it <mycontainer> kill -USR2 1

    Complete example:

    docker run -d --name test123 php:7.1-fpm-alpine
    docker exec -it test123 ps aux
    docker exec -it test123 kill -USR2 1
    docker exec -it test123 ps aux
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