How to resolve `Illegal instruction` error while running docker run command?

I have build a docker image inside the vagrant machine and also from TRAVIS linux enviroment and then i have pushed this image to Docker hub and pulled into Softlayer machine.

After i pulled the image, i ran docker run command like below

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  • docker run -i -t rameshthoomu/openpeer /bash/bin then when i run

    root@23495a2ed7a8:/go/src/ /go/bin/obc-peer peer command i am getting below error message.

    Illegal instruction..

    It’s working file when i build and run the same image inside the vagrant environment. Also, if i create an image inside the softlayer machine, i could run the image and can proceed further.

    I don’t have any clue why i am getting this error message. Any thoughts?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to resolve `Illegal instruction` error while running docker run command?”

    The command is /bin/bash/ not /bash/bin.

    Try the following instead:

    docker run -i -t rameshthoomu/openpeer /bin/bash

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