How to rename a Bluemix namespace (container registry)?

I’ve set up a namespace for my container registry. I tried creating my first docker container. However, now I would like to change the namespace. How can I do this?

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    You can’t do it. According to IBM Containers Docs

    The first time that you create a container within an organization, you are prompted to enter a name for the namespace that is associated with the private Bluemix repository. The namespace is used to generate a unique URL that you use to access your private Bluemix repository. The URL is required whenever you perform an action, such as a pull request or a push request of an image, to the repository. […]

    The name cannot be changed after it is set for an organization.

    Namespace management is now possible in the IBM Bluemix Container Registry using the container-registry plugin for the bx command.

    There isn’t a direct rename option but you can:

    • bx cr namespace-list – list all the namespace in your Bluemix account
    • bx cr namespace-add – add a new namespace to your Bluemix account
    • bx cr namespace-rm – remove a namespace from your Bluemix account

    Namespaces are visible to all users in your Bluemix account.

    Note that when you delete a namespace with bx cr namespace-rm, all images in that namespace are deleted from the registry.

    Read the docs here.

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