How to pull signed docker images using dockerode NodeJS API

I have a node js application that does basic docker operations like pull images, create, run, start and stop docker containers. I am using dockerode library.
I want to enforce only trusted signed images are allowed to be pulled.
According to docker documentation, setting env variable DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=1. This is not feasible because I am invoking docker remotely.

Observation on command line: Without setting DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=1, using flag –disable-content-trust=false will force only trusted images to be downloaded.

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  • [root@vm ~]# echo $DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST
    [root@vm ~]# docker pull --disable-content-trust=false docker/trusttest
    Using default tag: latest
    no trust data available
    [root@vm ~]# 

    But, this is no effect when called from node js using dockerode api

    Here is the node code:

    function pullImage(imageId){
        return new Promise((resolve, reject)=>{
                    console.error("Docker pull failed for:" + imageId + "error:" + err);
                    console.log("Docker image installed: " + imageId);
        console.log("pull image successful", v);
        console.error("exception in pull image", ex);

    This code downloads the image even though disable-content-trust=false.
    The question is am I passing the option parameters to docker.pull correctly ?
    I can’t find the documentation for option parameter values for dockerode.
    Any help is much appreciated.


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