How to pull new docker images to openshift cluster nodes from remote private registry?

All steps specified in (and other sources) worked perfectly on master, but it does not help me to pull from nodes.


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    1. Logged in on master and two nodes to registry: docker login

    2. Created new secret on master with: oc secrets new my.registry
      (can’t do the same on
      nodes, because they do not have oc utility)

    3. In my current project added secret for default account: oc secrets
      add serviceaccount/default secrets/my.registry –for=pull

    Now when I’m naking a new deployment, the pods created on master will start perfectly well (master will be able to pull needed images), but pods on nodes will fail to start unless I manually pull images on them with docker pull.

    So how can I make all nodes from my openshift (origin) cluster pull images with specified default account?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to pull new docker images to openshift cluster nodes from remote private registry?”

    I believe the command may have changed somewhat with recent versions of origin. The following works for me:

    oc new-project my-project
    oc secrets new docker-pull-secret .dockerconfigjson=${HOME}/.docker/config.json --namespace=my-project
    oc secrets link default docker-pull-secret --for=pull --namespace=my-project

    The problem was in
    Master somehow managed to pull and extract images faster, while nodes had a timeout.

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