How to programmatically know if I am building with -prod flag (ng build -prod)

I am using docker so, in production mode I am using linked containers with URLs like “http://api:3000/”
instead of “http://localhost:3000/” while in dev mode.

I would like to be able to use “http://api:3000/” if “ng build -prod” and stay with “localhost” while developing.

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    Thanks for reading me, I hope my question is clear.

    EDIT: Everything was explain in a commentary in environment.ts
    enter image description here

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to programmatically know if I am building with -prod flag (ng build -prod)”

    You have environments/environment.ts, and there is a json

    export const environment = {
        production = false

    And you can access it within your application with importing it and then using it with if(environment.production)

    or use the built in angular module like in
    How to check if Angular 2 app is running in production or dev

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