How to override the CMD command in the docker run line

How you can replace the cdm based on the docker documentation:

You can override the CMD command

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  • Dockerfile:

    RUN chmod +x /srv/www/bin/* & chmod -R 755 /srv/www/app
    RUN pip3 install -r /srv/www/app/pip-requirements.txt
    EXPOSE 80
    CMD ["/srv/www/bin/"]

    the docker run command is:

    docker run --name test test/test-backend

    I tried

    docker run --name test test --cmd ["/srv/www/bin/"]
    docker run --name test test cmd ["/srv/www/bin/"]

    But the console say this error:

    System error: exec: "cmd": executable file not found in $PATH

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    The right way to do it is deleting cmd [“…”]

     docker run --name test test/test-backend /srv/www/bin/

    The Dockerfile uses CMD instruction which allows defaults for the container being executed.

    The below line will execute the script /srv/www/bin/ as its already provide in CMD instruction in your Dockerfile as a default value, which internally gets executed as /bin/sh -c /srv/www/bin/ during runtime.

     docker run --name test test/test-backend 

    Now say if you want to run some thing else, just add that at a end of the docker run. Now below line should run bash instead.

    docker run --name test test/test-backend /bin/bash

    Ref: Dockerfile Best Practices

    For those using docker-compose:

    docker-compose run [your-service-name-here-from-docker-compose.yml] /srv/www/bin/

    In my case I’m reusing the same docker service to run the development and production builds of my react application:

    docker-compose run my-react-app npm run build

    Will run my webpack.config.production.js and build the application to the dist. But yes, to the original question, you can override the CMD in the CLI.

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