How to get docker images from privacy AWS ECR repository in Vagrant

I found that you can use Vagrant and Docker as a provider, That I think is so cool. Official doc

The documentation shows a section to set up using private repositories.
email, username, password and auth_server

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    I tried this:

    Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
      config.vm.define "mydocker" do |a|
        a.vm.provider "docker" do |d|
          d.image = ""
          #Private registry
 = ""
          d.username = "my-user"
          d.password = "my-pass"
          d.auth_server = ""
          #Custom Docker Host
          d.vagrant_machine = "dockerhost"
          d.vagrant_vagrantfile = "./dockerHost/Vagrantfile"

    This is the output error: (Vagrant tried to make the login with the parameters)

    Command: "docker" "login" "-u" "my-user" "-p" "my-pass" ""
    Stderr: Error response from daemon: login attempt to failed with status: 401 Unauthorized


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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to get docker images from privacy AWS ECR repository in Vagrant”

    I found the way using get-authorization-token I don’t know it is the best way, but it works by the moment.

    The get-authorization-token command creates a valid token for 12 hours. (I think this can be changed) and you can see the official doc

    If you are on MAC More info (does`t work with zsh console, so uses bash)

    aws ecr get-authorization-token --output text --query authorizationData[].authorizationToken | base64 -D | cut -d: -f2

    It will print the decode password and then in the Vagrantfile:

      #Private registry = ""
      d.username = "AWS"
      d.password = "The-decoded-password"
      d.auth_server = ""

    And it works.

    Maybe it is necessary to generate a password that live more than 12 hours =0)

    I will waiting for comments or improvements.

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