How to export Mongo-database using Docker?

I use “mongoDB” image in docker-container.
When I run command for export DB to csv:

docker exec -i 418f46e5595d  mongoexport --db saveInfo --collection infoobjects --type=csv --fields _id,postLink,postTitle,contactPhone --out ./info.csv

File saved in folder where container is working. How can I save it on my machine?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to export Mongo-database using Docker?”

    remove the --out option so it will export to stdout and redirect output to a file, something like this:

    docker exec -i 418f46e5595d  mongoexport --db saveInfo --collection infoobjects --type=csv --fields _id,postLink,postTitle,contactPhone | gzip > info.csv

    You might want to redirect error messages to a different stream, so:

    docker exec -i 418f46e5595d  mongoexport --db saveInfo --collection infoobjects --type=csv --fields _id,postLink,postTitle,contactPhone 2>/tmp/mongoexport.err | gzip > info.csv

    My decision:
    1) export
    docker exec -i 418f46e5595d mongoexport --db saveInfo --collection infoobjects --type=csv --fields _id,postLink,postTitle,contactPhone --out

    2)copy to my machine

    docker cp webspider_mongo_1:/data/info.csv .

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