How to echo environment variables in Docker

My docker-compose.yml is:

version: '2'

  postgres_data: {}
  postgres_backup: {}

    build: ./compose/postgres
      - postgres_data:/var/lib/postgresql/data
      - postgres_backup:/backups
    env_file: .env

      context: .
      dockerfile: ./compose/django/Dockerfile
    user: django
      - postgres
      - redis
    command: /
    env_file: .env

    build: ./compose/nginx
      - django

      - ""

    image: redis:latest
    restart: always

And in my .env file, I have:

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    How do I test if the environment variables are effectively set?

    I’ve tried tu run on the remote machine:

    docker run sorbetcitron_django echo $POSTGRES_USER

    where sorbetcitron_django is my django image, but it outputs nothing.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to echo environment variables in Docker”

    I’d use:

    docker-compose run postgres env

    If you pass a $POSTGRES_USER to your cli, it’s going to get interpreted by the shell on the host, and if you escape the $, you’ll need to eval the line to get the shell to parse the $ inside the container.

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