How to do gracefully shutdown on dotnet with docker?

Is there a way to gracefully shut-down a DOTNET CORE application which is running in DOCKER? If yes, which event I should listen?

All I want is upon cancellation request I would like to pass my cancellation token/s to current methods and postpone the shut-down while they are working.

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    This question is not a duplicate of docker container exits immediately even with Console.ReadLine() in a .net core console application because I’m not having an immediate exit issue. I need to tap into event something like Windows.SystemsEvents.SessionEnding and relying on Console.CancelKeyPress and/or implementing WebHostBuilder() doesn’t fit the bill.

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    System.Console has an event called CancelKeyPress. I believe this is fired when a sigint event is passed into dotnet.

    System.Console.CancelKeyPress += (s,e) => { /* do something here */};
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