How to disallow push to docker repository

I am currently setting up a local cluster at my work using docker. Basically everything works fine, the only thing I worry about is, that other devs that use my setup may eventually push the local builds to a remote repository.

Since this would be a catastrophe because we are not allowed to upload the companies artefacts anywhere else than internal servers – is there a way to prevent other users from pushign to a remote docker repo?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to disallow push to docker repository”

    docker repo == docker registry?

    Not sure I get the full picture about your desired workflow, but here are two options:

    • Use registry authentication and make sure that only authorised people push
    • Configure networking / dns / hosts to resolve to the correct registry – e.g. resolves to the local registry for devs and to the remote registry for others.
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