How to delete interface docker0

I would like to remove the interface docker0. It would be better to avoid creating the interface docker0 when starting the service and using directly the eth0.

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    By default, the Docker server creates and configures the host system’s docker0 interface as an Ethernet bridge inside the Linux kernel that can pass packets back and forth between other physical or virtual network interfaces so that they behave as a single Ethernet network.

    Look at Understand Docker container networks and Customize the docker0 bridge

    When you install Docker, it creates three networks automatically. You can list these networks using the docker network ls command:

    $ docker network ls

    Historically, these three networks (bridge, none, host) are part of Docker’s implementation. When you run a container you can use the –network flag to specify which network you want to run a container on. These three networks are still available to you.

    The bridge network represents the docker0 network present in all Docker installations. Unless you specify otherwise with the docker run –network= option, the Docker daemon connects containers to this network by default. You can see this bridge as part of a host’s network stack by using the ifconfig command on the host.

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