How to define docker image name from within docker-compose.yml?

I’ve got a directory called thing with my docker compose project:

├── Dockerfile
└── docker-compose.yml

The contents of docker-compose.yml:

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  • master:
      build: .

    Whenver I run docker-compose build in this folder, this will produce a docker image called thing_master. I’d like to specify in docker-compose.yml another name for my image. Is this possible?

    – I know I can run docker-compose -p [image_name] build or set the environment variable COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME, but that’s not what I wish to do.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to define docker image name from within docker-compose.yml?”

    This is now possible in Compose 1.6 (rc2 is out now).

    Using 1.6, you can have both build and image on the same service:

    version: "2"
        build: .
        image: my_image_name:my_tag

    Build will use the image name to tag the image.

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