How to debug the creation of docker container container in Vagrant

I am trying out a basic example of running a container in a vagrant docker host. For this I created

The Dockerfile:

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  • FROM ubuntu
    #Other instructions

    The Vagrantfile

     Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
      config.vm.provider "docker" do |d|
       d.build_dir =  "."
       d.has_ssh = true = "vagrant-docker-test"

    When I run vagrant up it creates a virtualbox with the docker-host and a docker container with state -preparing. When I try to see all running containers in the docker host I see none. Is tehre a way to debug if the creation of container failed?

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    I also had difficulties working on Dockerfile with the Vagrant Docker provider. In the end I now use a different approach: I use vagrant to run a Ubuntu VM on which Docker is installed ; and I use docker-compose to build and run the containers.

    This way I can get a shell in the Ubuntu vm and run docker build at will.

    Here’s the Vagrantfile I use to get that Docker enabled Ubuntu VM. Also take a look at this answer I made earlier which is related to the subject.

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