How to create a docker base image?

My local system is ubuntu 14.04. In this local system, I installed VM which contains sles 12. In this local VM (sles 12), I configure some of the application of my use.

I’m totally new to Docker. I want to create a docker base image which contains this sles 12 image into which my applications are also present.

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    The docs have a section on creating base images.

    The FROM will still be required but you can use the reserved “scratch” name here to create a base image from scratch (nice naming there Docker)

    FROM scratch
    ADD hello /
    CMD ["/hello"]

    Taken from the section on creating a base image using scratch

    First of all, create a base SLES image. Luckily for you, this process is [semi]automated by SUSE through the utility called sle2docker. A manual can be found here:

    Then you should run your container, install and setup your custom software and do docker commit to create you personal customized image.

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