How to copy docker volume from one machine to another?

I have created a docker volume for postgres on my local machine.

docker create volume postgres-data

Then I used this volume and run a docker.

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  • docker run -it -v postgres-data:/var/lib/postgresql/9.6/main postgres

    After that I did some database operations which got stored automatically in postgres-data. Now I want to copy that volume from my local machine to another remote machine. How to do the same.

    Note – Database size is very large

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to copy docker volume from one machine to another?”

    If the second machine has SSH enabled you can use an Alpine container on the first machine to map the volume, bundle it up and send it to the second machine.

    That would look like this:

    docker run --rm -v <SOURCE_DATA_VOLUME_NAME>:/from alpine ash -c "cd /from ; tar -cf - . " | ssh <TARGET_HOST> 'docker run --rm -i -v <TARGET_DATA_VOLUME_NAME>:/to alpine ash -c "cd /to ; tar -xpvf - " 

    You will need to change:


    Or, you could try using this helper script

    Hope this helps.

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