How to copy a folder from docker to other folder?

RUN cp /data/ /data/db, this command does not copy the files in /data to /data/db.

Is there an alternate way to do this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to copy a folder from docker to other folder?”

    It depends where /data is for you: already in the image, or on your host disk.

    A Dockerfile RUN command execute any commands in a new layer on top of the current image and commit the results.

    That means /data is the one found in the image as built so far.
    Not the /data on your disk.

    If you want to copy from your disk to the image /data/db folder, you would need to use COPY or ADD.

    At runtime, when you had an existing running container, you could also use docker cp to copy from or to a container.

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