How to connect to mysql using ipv6 from wordpress

I’m trying to connect to a MySQL host that only expose an IPv6 address from WordPress running in Docker. I try to add the IP to the host like this:

$ docker run --name some-wordpress -e WORDPRESS_DB_HOST=<my_ipv6_addr> \
    -e WORDPRESS_DB_USER=... -e WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD=... -d wordpress

Where <my_ipv6_addr is the IPv6 address to the MySQL host. But wordpress fails to connect with the following error message:

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    Is there a way to connect WordPress to MySQL in Docker using IPv6?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to connect to mysql using ipv6 from wordpress”

    Make sure that your docker daemon is running with the --ipv6 flag

    By default, the Docker server configures the container network for IPv4 only.
    You can enable IPv4/IPv6 dualstack support by running the Docker daemon with the --ipv6 flag. Docker will set up the bridge docker0 with the IPv6 link-local address fe80::1.

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