How to connect to a docker container from the outside world

I have a web application that is running inside docker container which is running on an Amazon Linux ec2 instance. I would like to connect to that container from the outside world.

How would I do this? I tried using the ec2 instance’s ip address and the port that is exposed, such as: 34.21.331.333:7070

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  • but this would just give me a 404 error.

    I also tried exposing the IP of the ec2 instance at run time, such as: docker run --name myapplication -p 34.21.331.333:7070:7070

    But docker gave me the error: bind: cannot assign requested address

    Any ideas?


    EDIT 1:

    I am able to connect now, resolved.

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    In EC2, you have to check the security group for your instance and ensure that the port you want is opened to the world.

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