How to connect my docker image to my kubernetes cluster?

I have a simple play project, and I created a docker image for it.

I created the image like:

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  • in my circle.yml I added:

        branch: /.*/
          - docker login -e -u ${ART_USER} -p ${ART_KEY}
          - sbt -DBUILD_NUMBER="${CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM}" docker:publish

    Now in my jfrog account I have the image name for this project, and in my controller.yml I added this specific image.

    But now I have created kubernetes clusters with 4 minions machines and one master machine, and I want to know how do I connect this docker image to this cluster to run it?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to connect my docker image to my kubernetes cluster?”

    kubectl run <app name> --image=<image name from jfrog>

    If you want to automatically fetch the image name and start the container, you can run a special container that will fetch the image names

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