How to check whether python package is installed or not in Docker?

I used Dockerfile successfully built a container. However, my code doesn’t work in the container. It does work if I install all the packages manually. I’m assuming I messed up something that cause docker didn’t install the packages properly. So, I want to check whether python package is installed or not in Docker container. What is the best way to check it?

The Dockerfile I used:

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  • # Update the sources list
    RUN sudo apt-get update
    # Install basic applications
    RUN sudo apt-get install -y tar git curl nano wget dialog net-tools build-essential
    # First install ZeroMQ
    RUN sudo apt-get install -y libzmq-dev
    # Install libevent
    RUN sudo apt-get install -y libevent-dev
    # Install Python and Basic Python Tools
    RUN sudo apt-get install -y python python-dev python-setuptools
    RUN sudo apt-get install -y python-pip 
    # Add the current directory to the container
    ADD . /root/code
    # Get pip to download and install requirements:
    RUN sudo pip install -r /root/code/requirements.txt
    # Expose ports
    EXPOSE 80 4242
    # Define working directory.
    WORKDIR /root/code
    # Start the tcp server.
    CMD python

    The requirements.txt I used:


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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to check whether python package is installed or not in Docker?”

    I figured out.

    docker exec <container ID> pip list
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