How to check whether a docker service is already running on UCP using shell script

  • I want to check whether a docker service is running or not.
    • if it’s running I want to remove that service and create the new one
    • I am doing this task with shell script

I am providing the code snippet of my shell script where I am facing
Error response from daemon: service data-mapper-service not found

if [[ "$(docker service inspect ${DOCKER_SERVICE_NAME}  2> /dev/null)" != "" ]]; then
  docker service rm ${DOCKER_SERVICE_NAME}
else echo "service doesn't exist or may have been removed manually"
docker service create \
    --name ${DOCKER_SERVICE_NAME} \
    --network ${OVERLAY_NETWORK} \
    --reserve-memory ${10} \
    --constraint node.labels.run_images==yes \
    --mode global \
    --with-registry-auth \
    --restart-condition any \
    -e "JAVA_OPTS: -Xms256m -Xmx512m" \

I am getting the error on if statement line.

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  • If the service is running and I trigger this shell script everything runs fine, But if the service is not running and I trigger this shell script I am facing above mention error.

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