How to change the dns of a running docker container

the default dns and are blocked by my nation’s firewall, and I do not want to stop the container for I install a lot of software in it.

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    If you want to change the DNS, you can just do it in the same way you would on a normal host and this should just work. For example editing the /etc/resolv.conf file in the container.

    Although if it is entirely blocked, I’d recommend a more permanent solution.

    In /etc/default/docker (may be /etc/default/ on Debian based hosts) you can add a line to set the default DNS on new containers. This line would look something like

    DOCKER_OPTS="-dns -dns"

    You can just add a new -dns x.x.x.x for every DNS server you wish to use to resolve.

    Once you have done this you will need to restart the Docker process. This is done in a few ways depending on the host again. For Debian based hosts:

     service restart

    When you docker run a new container, it will have those DNS servers set.

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