How to call a container, running on a virtual machine, from a Windows browser?

I have Windows 7 operating system and have set up Docker. Docker starts on the virtual machine. I create some containers on Docker and test them on the command line, for example:

curl localhost:9200

Now I want to test this container from a Windows browser

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    How do I call the container, which is running on a virtual machine, from a Windows browser?

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    Assuming you have ‘published’ the service to port 9200, just use the IP address of the VM instead of localhost. To get that address, you can inspect your VM setup, or use the boot2docker command:

    boot2docker ip

    Then, insert that address where I have the ‘x’s here in your browser:


    Or map published IP address from docker container running inside boot2docker like this:

    boot2docker ssh -L

    That way, you (and others that can access your computer) can acccess it on both of the following links:

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