How to bundle docker toolbox, dockerfile, docker-compose file inside a executable file?

I want to create a windows executable file (.exe) which should install the docker toolbox (docker-machine,docker-compose,virtualbox) in windows.

I should also have to bundle the docker-compose and dockerfiles inside the .exe file. So that once the tool box is installed, it should call the docker-compose file and container should be started as i defined in the dockerfile.

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  • I want to automate this process in a single click instead of allowing everyone to install all these components and start the containers manually.

    Is it possible to accomplish this? i am trying to use NSIS or Inno setup.

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    I think so.

    If you bundle the docker toolbox installer inside your InnoSetup, you can call it using a “/silent” like parameter, then copy your docker-compose executable and create shortcuts which will call your docker-compose commands.

    Don’t include the docker file. Instead include the whole image using docker save and docker load. Or use docker-compose to download your image from a registry.


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