How to build Dockerfile with two jar files

I’m starting with Docker and I’m a little bit lost.

I have my java experiment with two jar files, zip files with testing data and two configuration files.
And I’m trying to run this exp on Docker.

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  • If I want to run this exp on my pc there are two phases.

    Phase 1:

    java -classpath library.jar;alg.jar library.utl.App.class

    where the last parameter is configuration and after this I’ll get generated file alg1.bin

    Phase 2:

    java -classpath library.jar;alg.jar library.utl.App.class

    where I’m working with file alg1.bin and this is main test.

    I used Dockerfile for phase 1:

    FROM java:7
    ADD java-exp /usr/local/
    CMD ["java", "-classpath",
    "/usr/local/library.utl.App.class", "/usr/local/"]

    This I built successfully but when I try

    docker run java-exp

    I get an error:

    Error: Could not find or load main class

    Can anyone help me to solve this?

    In the better way, help me merge both two phases into one Dockerfile?

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    FROM java:7
    ADD java-exp /usr/local/
    WORKDIR /usr/local/
    CMD ["java", "-classpath","library.jar;alg.jar","library.utl.App.class",""]

    I think I solved it.
    Main mistake was in CMD

    The right thing is:

    CMD ["java", "-classpath",
    "/usr/local/library.utl.App", "/usr/local/"]

    Instead of:

    CMD ["java", "-classpath",
    "/usr/local/library.utl.App.class", "/usr/local/"]

    Two little mistakes :,; and .class

    Thanks for help.

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