how to attach a EBS volume to my container using docker-compose.yml and ecs-cli

I am using docker-compose.yml to define a set of containers. And use ecs-cli compose (service) up to create my application on AWS.

I know AWS ECS comes with 100GB EBS automatically when a container is created. (Even though the EC2 instance that hosts the container only have 8GB of hard drive.)
I want to have a persistent storage so that even if I updated my container, it can still point to the same 100GB EBS. I am pretty sure I can do the following to achieve this goal:

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    compose file to attach that volume to the container.

    However, I feel there might be a better way to do so on ECS since it gives you 100GB ELB automatically. That is, if I use the above approach, then I am really ‘wasting’ the 100GB volume that comes with each container.
    So, what is the best way to achieve this. Could you give an answer in the form of a docker-compose.yml format like the following?

      image: image1
      image: image2
        - "container1"

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