How to add native docker-compose to official Jenkins image

I am using official Jenkins image:

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  • I wonder which is the best approach to add native docker-compose to it. For a full continuous integration system I need Jenkins to start Gradle+docker+docker-compose applications but, unlike with Docker plugins, docker-image plugins for Gradle act just as docker-compose frontend, needing it to be native installed. I will then use simple shell scripts in Jenkins to run the docker-compose up commands before the tests.

    Note: Docker should be executed in a external Host, obviously, not locally as we are inside a docker already. I wonder if I can avoid installing the full Docker stack in the Jenkins docker image.

    Thanks for any ideas

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    docker-compose is right on the same level as docker-engine – so the host you want to run docker-images / containers on, need docker-engine, and if you want to run them using docker-compose, you need that on the host – that is best practise

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