How to add Dockerfile to a docker registry page?

I successfully built a docker image starting from a different image and using a Dockerfile. I then did a docker push into my account in the docker registry, but I can’t see the Dockerfile that I used in the registry page.

How do I add the Dockerfile I used to create the image into the registry page?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to add Dockerfile to a docker registry page?”

    You’ll need to do an automated build of your Docker image. Basically, you’ll add the Dockerfile (and any related context) to a repo (GitHub, BitBucket, or your own), and Docker will build the image anytime it gets a webhook.

    From the docs:

    Automated Builds have several advantages:

    • Users of your Automated Build can trust that the resulting image was
      built exactly as specified.

    • The Dockerfile will be available to anyone with access to your
      repository on the Docker Hub registry.

    • Because the process is automated, Automated Builds help to make sure
      that your repository is always up to date.

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