How to access the docker-container-ip:docker-container-port from outside network

I’m running docker setup in following way

1) On windows running the vagrant script to install ubuntu14.04 on my local VM

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  • 2) on top of VM running docker containers

    Here my concern is like

    My Windows machine subnet is different (like 10.204.255.*/16)

    My VM subnet is different like(10.0.2.*/16)

    My docker container subnet is different like(172.17.0.*/24)

    If I want to access specific container services in VM level , i can use them specifying like VM-ip or localhost:forwardind-port/ ; it sounds good
    If I want to access from Windows machine it’ll work same way with forwarding-port

    But from windows machine, if i want to access like container-ip:container-port/
    How can achieve this ?

    Why i need to access like this is , in my container i’m running corba specific service, those service we can access via specific service running container-ip n port

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