How to access JMX (Java Beans) from a process running in docker container

Why is it so hard to connect to a JMX port (using JConsole), when a process is run using Docker.

Of course I have exposed the JMX port to the host, and even used Sun specific options while running the Java process (following the instructions from ).

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  • I am able to telnet to the host ip and the exposed JMX port, which tells that it is accessible. But I can’t figure out a way to use JConsole and connect to the JMX service running in the container.


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    In the past, the two ports had to be different. Please try that for a start.

    If thats not working:

    Tomcat offers an additional component to set the second port mentioned, the JMX Remote Lifecycle Listener.

    Please have a look at:

    I´m using this setting with catalina-jmx-remote.jar in my tomcat/lib directory to get through: 

    Plus these, but you wouldn´t need them in a dev environment.

    What you currently have looks correct. To at least try and get it working, i’d try disabling auth & ssl. Then, once you get it working, think about re-enabling any security you require:

    Indeed, you need those 2 ports to be different. One port is for the RMI registry and the other for the remoting protocol.

    When specifying the URL to connect to the server from jconsole/visualvm use the port set in “” on the server side.

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