How to access files downloaded on my windows machine from boot2docker?

I have a file which is downloaded from browser. I have boot2docker on my windows machine. From boot2docker, how can i access my downloaded file? Is it possible?

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    If you setup shared directories with VirtualBox, it is possible, however, it is overly complex for not much.

    I’d advise to simply use curl or wget within boot2docker to download your file(s).

    An other solution would be to use winscp to upload your file from windows to boot2docker.

    The download folder should be mounted in boot2docker already.

    From Boot2Docker’s README:

    Alternatively, Boot2Docker includes the VirtualBox Guest Additions
    built in for the express purpose of using VirtualBox folder sharing.

    The first of the following share names that exists (if any) will be
    automatically mounted at the location specified:

    1. Users share at /Users
    2. /Users share at /Users
    3. c/Users share at /c/Users
    4. /c/Users share at/c/Users`
    5. c:/Users share at/c/Users`

    Since Windows’ default download location is C:\Users\[username]\Downloads your downloaded file should be in the Boot2Docker VM at /c/Users/[username]/Downloads.

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