How to access docker service with docker private ip and port from different host in aws without port forwarding or using docker host ip

I have the following setup, where both host are in same VPC.


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  •  public ip : 53.X.X.X 
     private ip : 172.X.X.X 
     docker ip : (bridge ip)


     public ip : 53.X.X.X 
     private ip : 172.X.X.X

    Now, when I launch container from host1, let’s say tomcat, how can I access this server with private and port from Host2?

    I wanted like this from host2 host1 nameserver in host2.

    Basically, I wanted this use case because I am using consul for service discovery, and in consul service are registered as But when I do nslookup tomcat.service.consul I am able to resolve the service ip and port. But when I do a telnet or curl for this ip”port it times out. Allowed all traffic and iptables rule between hosts.

    I am able to achive above usecase with port forwarding and accessing service using host ip.But i need the above approach from host2

    So any suggesation would be helpful

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