How to access docker container service from outside world like from parent windows host machine

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I followed the following step :

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  • 1) On windows machine(10.204.255./16) , I created vagrant VM (172.17.0./24) . Inside vagrant VM I created different docker images based on my requirements.

    2) As part of docker image creation, created centos:6.6 images and run installed ACE-TAO service inside that.

    3) TAO service is running properly, and it is binding with the specific container ip: specific port (like

    Reference: Able to create images and run the images to create container and install TAO rpm and TAO service running successfully.
    Issues is like i’m not able to ping this ip from outside world like from my windows machine

    I’m attaching my dockerfile here

    FROM centos:6.6
    MAINTAINER praveen 
    WORKDIR /root/
    ADD TAO-1.7.7-0.x86_64.rpm /root/TAO-1.7.7-0.x86_64.rpm
    RUN rpm -ivh  TAO-1.7.7-0.x86_64.rpm
    CMD ["/etc/init.d/tao", "start"]
    EXPOSE 13021

    I believe this is common usecase of docker is like :
    Installed service on dockerized container with are accessible from host machine , if we try to access with ip:port

    ACE-TAO behavior is like ,rpm installed to specific host , so we can access corba service from this url : corba://(tao_service_runnig_ip):(listening port)
    In order to meet this requirement , i need to access the from host machine

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