How to access application URL hosted in docker container?

I hosted our application inside a docker container. When I run docker ps command, it gave info like below.

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                      COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                                                                        NAMES
6405daf98246        rdarukumalli/testapp-master   "/bin/bash"         4 hours ago         Up 4 hours>443/tcp,>8000/tcp,>8080/tcp,>8443/tcp,>9997/tcp   insane_poincare

I am trying to access this application from my machine with the following URLs. Nothing worked so far.

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    However, if i give the command "curl http://localhost:8080/testapp/login.jsp" inside bash of docker container,
    I can login page html is coming.

    Can some one help me in understanding these URL mappings and what URL i need to use to access this login page outside docker container?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to access application URL hosted in docker container?”

    Try curl http://localhost:32795/testapp/login.jsp.

    Your docker ps shows that container’s port 8080 is bound to external port 32795 : [...]>8080/tcp [...]

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