How should I run thumbd as a service inside a Docker container?

I’d like to run thumbd as a service inside a node Docker image! At the moment I’m just running it before I start my app, which is no use to me! Is there a way I could setup my Dockerfile to run it as an init.d service on startup without blocking any of my other docker commands?

My Dockerfile goes as follows:

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  • FROM node:6.2.0
    # Create app directory
    RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app
    WORKDIR /usr/src/app
    # Install app dependencies
    COPY package.json /usr/src/app/
    RUN npm install
    # Thumbd
    RUN npm install -g thumbd
    RUN mkdir -p /var/log/
    RUN echo "" > /var/log/thumbd.log
    RUN thumbd server --aws_key=<KEY> --aws_secret=<SECRET> --sqs_queue=<QUEUE> --bucket=<BUCKET> --aws_region=us-west-1 --s3_acl=public-read
    # Bundle app source
    COPY . /usr/src/app
    EXPOSE 8080
    CMD npm run build && npm start

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    It’s probably easiest to run thumbd in it’s own container due to the way it works without direct links to your application. Docker likes to push the idea of a single process per container too.

    FROM node:6.2.0
    # Thumbd
    RUN set -uex; \
        npm install -g thumbd; \
        mkdir -p /var/log/; \
        touch /var/log/thumbd.log
    CMD thumbd server --aws_key=<KEY> --aws_secret=<SECRET> --sqs_queue=<QUEUE> --bucket=<BUCKET> --aws_region=us-west-1 --s3_acl=public-read

    You can use Docker Compose to orchestrate running multiple containers in your project.

    If you really want to run multiple processes in a container, use an init system like s6 or possibly supervisord.

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