How restore a postgres database with fig?

I’m trying to use FIG ( for a django app. I can’t recreate the database from a dump, I try:

fig run db pg_restore -d DBNAME < backup.sql

And get:

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    But this run (still not see the tables in the db):

    fig run db pg_restore < backup.sql

    This is the dockerfile:

    FROM python:3.4
    RUN mkdir /code
    WORKDIR /code
    ADD requirements.txt /code/
    ADD backup.sql /code/
    RUN pip install -r requirements.txt
    RUN pg_restore -d postgres  backup.sql
    ADD . /code/

    And fig.yml:

      image: postgres
        - 5432  
      build: .
      command: python runserver
        - .:/code
        - "8000:8000"
        - db

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How restore a postgres database with fig?”

    When you run

    fig run db pg_restore -d DBNAME < backup.sql

    postgresd is not running. You’ve replaced the startup of the daemon with the pg_restore command.

    I would suggest doing something like this:

    1. Move backup.sql to dockerfiles/db/backup.sql
    2. Create a dockerfiles/db/Dockerfile
    3. change your fig.yml to use build for the db instead


    FROM postgres
    ADD . /files
    WORKDIR /files
    RUN /etc/init.d/postgresql start && \
        pg_restore -d DBNAME < backup.sql && \
        /etc/init.d/postgresql stop


        build: dockerfiles/db

    Now when you run any fig commands your database should be ready to go

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