How pass/set environment variables into HHVM?

I’m trying to migrate a website from php5-fpm to hhvm.

We use Docker for local dev environments, and we set things like MySQL and Redis details using environment variables that are created using Docker’s --link.

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  • With php5-fpm, it was easy to pass these variables into PHP by setting them in www.conf.

    With hhvm 3.5.0, I can’t seem to find the equivalent. I got close when I found EnvVariables in an example config on this page, but hhvm 3.5.0 now uses INI files for config and I can’t seem to find where to set them using these.

    Any ideas?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “How pass/set environment variables into HHVM?”

    Turns out they were there all along in $_ENV instead of $_SERVER. Must be fastcgi_params.

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