How let gogs support ssh

After install gogs, i want to let gogs support ssh. In the insall web page, i filled the Run User with git. when I use ssh to git clone, gogs need me to input git@xxx's password. But I don’t know the git@xxx's password. What should I do to solve this problem? I use the docker codeskyblue/docker-gogs to run my container. And I also depend on the README to set SSH_PORT = 10022.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How let gogs support ssh”

    From issues/1292, you need to:

    • check ssh with ssh -p 10022 git@xyz,
    • make sure your $HOME/.ssh/ public key is in your gogs account, not on the system’s authorized_keys,
    • check if a $HOME/.ssh/config file could help.

    Note that if you are using docker through a VM with boot2docker, you also need to add a port forwarding rule on that VM.

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