How I use a local container in a swarm cluster

A colleague find out Docker and want to use it for our project. I start to use Docker for test. After reading an article about Docker swarm I want to test it.

I have installed 3 VM (ubuntu server 14.04) with docker and swarm. I followed some How To ( and My cluster work. I can launch for exemple a basic apache container (the image was pull in the Docker hub) but I want to use my own image (an apache server with my web site).

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  • I tested to load an image (after save it in a .tar) but this option isn’t supported by the clustering mode, same thing with the import option.

    So my question is : Can I use my own image without to push it in the Docker hub and how I do this ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How I use a local container in a swarm cluster”

    If your own image is based on a Dockerfile that you build you can execute the build command on your project while targeting the swarm.

    However if the image wasn’t built, but created manually you need to have a registry in between that you can push to, either docker hub or some other registry solution like

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