How does Vagrant automatically install Docker on CentOS?

I wonder how Vagrant is installing Docker with the Docker provisioner. Is Vagrant using packages from some package-manager or is it built from source? Which commands were fired to finish the installation process?

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    Okay, found it by myself. Here’s the sourcecode.

    Vagrant is using yum on CentOS.
    For CentOS 6 Vagrant uses the package ´docker-io´ in EPEL and for CentOS 7 ´docker´ in the Extras Repo.

    1: if you must use centos . you must update you centos python version => 7.0
    2: if you don’t . pls use coreos . coreos begin with docker 🙂

    if you want to get commond line for install docker-io .

    add commonet

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