How do you register a Postgres container host on docker-compose up?

I have an app (Flask/Pony ORM) container that must register the host for a postgres db container on start up. How can I get the host’s (postgres container) location?

On my local set up I have “localhost” but this does not work in the app container.

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  • I tried “” which was what the pg containers IP when I was not using docker-compose.

    But both of these return an error.

    Is there a way to specify a host location for a particular container in the docker-compose file?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do you register a Postgres container host on docker-compose up?”

    You must link your two container in your docker-compose file. Then you will be able to access to your database using the service name of the container.


      - postgres:postgres

    Link your docker-compose.yml if you need more help.

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