How do I resolve hostnames to Docker containers from the host?

I understand Docker runs a magical dns on, so I figured I’d try

nslookup mycontainername

where mycontainername is, of course, the name of the container I’m trying to access. However, that timed out.

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    What am I doing wrong? I’m on Docker 1.10.3. If it helps, I’m pulling up a bunch of containers using docker-compose 1.6.2.

    EDIT This is a duplicate of Docker 1.10 access a container by it's hostname from a host machine

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I resolve hostnames to Docker containers from the host?”

    In the documentation it implies that this only works if you’ve explicitly created a network and attached the containers to them. Try something like:

    docker network create -d bridge --subnet isolated_nw
    docker network connect isolated_nw mycontainername

    And see if you can use (worked for me on version 1.10.3)

    For more information see this ticket.

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