How do I read a docker environment variable within a js script?

I have a react app hosted on a node docker container.
I run it and pass it an environment variable

 docker run -t -e "ADMIN_HOST_ENV=" -p 3000:3000 "myapp"

How can I get that “ADMIN_HOST_ENV” environment variable within the app?

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    If this is just about the node backend, there’s already a question with a answer: Read environment variables in Node.js

    On the frontend, you’ll have several options to get at it, create an endpoint to get it, write it to a .js file that’s referenced by the frontend, pass it up as a cookie, keep it backend side and only reference it when you hit the backend, etc.

    I check environment variables when I run my server, write them to an environment.js, and then reference that environment.js in my index.html.

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