How can I upgrade Docker on a Mac?

I tried just ‘docker-machine upgrade’ and that did some work but I don’t seem to have the latest CLI.

If I do ‘docker version’ I get:

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  • Client:
     Version:      1.8.2
     API version:  1.20
     Go version:   go1.4.2
     Git commit:   0a8c2e3
     Built:        Thu Sep 10 19:10:10 UTC 2015
     OS/Arch:      darwin/amd64
     Version:      1.11.2
     API version:  1.23
     Go version:   go1.5.4
     Git commit:   b9f10c9
     Built:        2016-06-01T21:20:08.558909126+00:00
     OS/Arch:      linux/amd64

    I understand there are some new commands I’m not seeing so I suspect I don’t have the latest software.

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    Since you are on mac, you should install homebrew and from there you can install and upgrade docker with the command brew install docker and brew upgrade. Homebrew is a package manager for mac that makes installation of such applications easy.

    Just try this way:

    $ mkdir ~/docker
    $ curl -Lo  ~/docker/docker-1.13.0-dev
    $ sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/docker
    $ sudo ln -s ~/docker/docker-1.13.0-dev /usr/local/bin/docker

    you can find all current master branch in this link

    For homebrew usage: I needed to overwrite the last version of docker by using:

    brew link --overwrite docker

    Check with

    docker --version
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